Berlin and Wolfsburg as neighbours in the table: Who is going to run away?

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Tending to be the first variant, because before the match on Saturday (February 2, 2019) at 3.30 p.m. in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin between Hertha BSC and VfL Wolfsburg the signs are very interesting. Both teams delivered two Over 2.5 goals after the winter break, so there were plenty of goals to be scored. At least in the case of Hertha the performances were still quite successful. The VfL again threatens to fall into old patterns. Easy play thus for the landlords

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Berlin vs. Wolfsburg in the fast run

  • Paarung: Hertha BSC – VfL Wolfsburg
  • Competition: 1st Bundesliga 2018/19
  • Round: 20. Matchday
  • Takeoff: Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 15:30 pm
  • Location: Olympic Stadium, Berlin
  • Hertha: 7th place, 28 points, 31:30 goals
  • Wolfsburg: 8th place, 28 points, 28:27 goals

1. Bundesliga Bett-Tipp prediction: Number games

  • Prey: 4 points for the Hertha from the last 2 games
  • Power: Berlin lost only 3 of the last 20 home games
  • Loser: 2 bankruptcies for Wolfsburg in series
  • courage: The VfL won 3 of the last 4 guest appearances
  • fair: 3 draws in succession in this duel

1. Bundesliga forecast: Form curve of the teams

The Berliners came well from the winter break. That was not to be expected necessarily, after in the plays before in the preparation partly annoying defeats had to be swallowed. In detail there was first a 0:1 against Borussia M├Ânchengladbach, then the Berliners had to admit defeat with 1:3 against Hertha. But this could be quickly forgotten – with a 3-1 defeat against 1 FC N├╝rnberg. On the last matchday, the Hertha team then added 2:2 against Schalke, which can be judged as decent. Bottom line there is therefore no reason to complain.

Threats the VfL of crashing?

With the wolves there is generally also no reason to demonize this season. After all, the VfL is clearly better than in the last years, where it regularly went against the relegation. Now the analysis shows a sporty VfL who still has chances for international business in eighth place. However, the trend here tends to point in the opposite direction. That means in detail that the wolves had to swallow two defeats in a row. First there was a 1:2 against Schalke 04 for the VfL, then a bitter 0:3 at home against Bayer 04 Leverkusen – and suddenly the fear is there again that things could go the other way this season.

Evaluation: In Wolfsburg the developments are not particularly pleasing, in Berlin things went much better recently. But with a threesome everything would look different again.

Statistical and direct comparison

In the last direct duels between the Berliners and the VfL there were only two variants: Either spectacle or boring. In 2016, for example, there was a 3:2 success for the Berliners, followed by a 1:0, a 3:3, a 0:0 and a 2:2. All in all, however, it doesn’t look so bad – especially as far as the balance of the Berliners in our betting tips is concerned. The Hertha could announce in so far 52 duels against the wolves 80 goals and received in response “only” 69 counter goals. Altogether this play lies thus with 149 hits and thus an average of 2.86 booths per play.

House owners in advantage

Egal, whether many goals or not: Three times in a row the duel between Hertha and VfL Wolfsburg ended with a draw. From the point of view of the Berliners, however, advantages are discernible, as the Herthans have not had to swallow any more bankruptcies against the VfL since 2015. In addition, the overall balance speaks the language of the capital. There were 21 victories in 52 duels, plus 15 draws. Only 16 times did the Berliners leave this duel as losers. But: Since 2007, only two home victories against the wolves have been recorded. The again could announce in the same period also only two victories in Berlin.

Evaluation: The balance is quite narrow, particularly the last direct duels. Altogether the Herthaner are however in the advantage.

Wet Tipps today for Hertha BSC – VfL Wolfsburg

On both sides in the last plays always quite much was ordered. The Berliners parted twice in a row with more than three goals, at the VfL there were five times in a row matches with at least three goals. According to the 1st Bundesliga forecast, we should also be offered a lot here. For this reason, we will use a bet on the Over 1.5 in our 1. Bundesliga Bett-Tipp forecast in the area of safe betting tips. With a 1.29, the Bookie Betway provides the best betting odds in sports betting with a 1.29 comparison. If that’s not enough for you, you can still find alternatives for this game in our betting tips today. One of them: The Both2Score B2S, for which according to our betting tips from professionals the bookmaker Bet3000 makes the best odds easy with a 1.70.


How good are the odds for Hertha BSC – VfL Wolfsburg?

The rounding off and completion of our 1st Bundesliga forecast is a recommendation from the area of risk betting tips. We see here clearly the Herthaner in the advantage, which are at home simply bear strong and also well from the winter break came. With the guests just that is not exactly the case and with the home strong Berliners it might become accordingly enormously heavy. For this reason, we advise you in this 1st Bundesliga forecast in addition to a bet on home victory 1, for which the bookmaker Interwetten with a 2.50 the best odds on the market provides 2.50 Interwetten. So you are also well positioned if you want to clear the Interwetten bonus.

Evaluation: Here it smells like a lively duel with one or the other goal. The Both2Score B2S with the odds of 1.70 is therefore a good choice.

Wet recommendations from the editors

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