Tottenham wins Audi Cup against Bayern Munich

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FC Bayern missed the fourth victory in the sixth edition of the Audi Cup. Despite a good performance, the Munich team had to admit defeat to the Tottenham Hotspur. The English had the better nerves in the penalty shootout. At the Bavarians, David Alaba and Jerome Boateng could not convert from the point.

After the convincing 6:1 victory in the semi-final against Fenerbahce Istanbul, Niko Kovac rotated strongly. Some stars were removed from the squad to save them for the Supercup. Next Saturday, the Bavarians will make a guest appearance in Dortmund. Thus, seven young stars got the chance to present themselves. Alphonso Davis replaced David Alaba, Jann-Fiete Arp played for Robert Lewandowski. Five young kickers joined them. Jonas Kehl, Paul Will, Alexander Nollenberger, Ryan Johansson and Sarpreet Singh were allowed to show their potential. At Tottenham, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Heung-Min Son remained on the bench for the time being. The young Bayern team started out a little uncertain. Tottenham slowly built up the game and quickly took control. Although the Munich team had never played together like this before, the youngsters did their job properly. After 15 minutes they became safer and were promtly punished with a goal against.

Bavaria catch up with the others.

The chain of mistakes started in midfield, in the end Davies lost sight of Lamela, who scored effortlessly to make it 1-0. After trailing, the Bavarians tried to equalize. Especially the strong Singh showed himself several times in the opposing penalty area. With a deserved 1-0 on the bottom line, the Spurs went into the box. After the change of sides, the Bavarians were the more agile team. Nevertheless, Tottenham scored in the 59th minute in the person of substitute Eriksen to make it 2-0, but only 120 seconds later Arp’s follow-up goal put the game back on track. Lewandowski, Müller, Thiago, Coman and Alaba entered the game and the hosts turned up the heat. The German champion now pushed for the equaliser and was rewarded. The strong Alphonso Davies scored in the 82nd minute of the game with a beautiful 20-meter shot to make it 2-2. Shortly before, the Munich team had to endure a moment of shock. Kingsley Coman was substituted with an injury. They feared again a long break, but Niko Kovac gave the all-clear after the game.

victory in the penalty shootout

After the equalizer both teams still had chances to win, but it remained a draw. The penalty shootout had to bring the decision. Right away the first shooter of the Bavarians, David Alaba, forgave. After him also Eriksen could not convert. After a couple of safe shots from the point, it was Jerome Boateng who was unable to get his ball into the goal, making Spurs the winner. Despite the final defeat, coach Niko Kovac can be satisfied with his players. The young, still very inexperienced players also showed themselves. Above all, young Singh drew attention to himself. The Bavarians seem well prepared for the duel with Borussia Dortmund. Kingsley Coman could also be available again for the prestige duel next Saturday. It could also be enough for Serge Gnabry. With the exception of the still injured newcomer Lucas Hernandez, all players will be available. With a similar courageous performance as against Tottenham, the Bavarians will soon be aiming for their first title of the season.